Why should I hire you?

I don’t know many recruiters who will actually ask you the question “why should I hire you?” But many will have this question in the back of their minds. Recruiters come into the room with a clear set of criteria that they are looking for. If they are following best practice, this set of criteria should be behaviourally based (often referred to as competencies).

To prepare for an interview then, you need to be clear on two things 1) why the organisation should hire you and 2) how you meet the requirements of the job. Recruiters aren’t looking for people who can turn their hands to anything. They are looking for specificity. As the candidate therefore, you need to be specific about what you have to offer and how this fills their need.   What you offer will be in the form of what you know (technical knowledge), what you are good at (skills) and how you go about performing on the job (behaviours).

It is vitally important that you know and believe in what you have to offer. Imagine for a moment that you have a tool-box. Inside your tool-box you have a set of skills, technical knowledge and behaviours. It is not full yet, and as you progress through your career you will add new skills/knowledge/behaviours. Each of these is specific and your combination of skills/knowledge/behaviour is unique to you. There won’t be many people out there who possess exactly the same combination as you.

So, work out what makes you unique – and sell it!

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