Ditch the resolutions, create a vision

At this time of year we inevitably start thinking about the year ahead and what it may bring. Often this involves setting new year’s resolutions – but I have to admit I stopped doing this a while ago as they rarely worked, and I hardly ever stuck to them.

So, instead I find some time to be quiet by myself and reflect on the year that has just gone. I think about what has gone well, and how I can do more of this in the coming year. Then I think about anything that didn’t quite go to plan, and consider what I can learn from that experience. For example, how could I have approached it differently so that I achieved a different outcome?

Then I start to have some fun by thinking about what I want from the coming year. This is where I get to become the author of my life and really begin to create a vision for the next year. I usually approach this from both a personal perspective – what I want for myself and my family, and then I think about it professionally and look at where I want my business to be in 12 months time.

To create my vision board I usually come up with the things I want to include on the board and then use websites such as pinterest to find the right images, quotes, and colours to put on my board. But I also sometimes use the magazines I have around – I flick through, find inspiration and cut out the pictures I want to use. Once it is finished, I put it up somewhere visible so that I see it every day, and I move it around every month so that it remains fresh.

I like to do this as it helps to create clarity and purpose in my personal and professional life. By understanding and stating what it is we are looking for, we are more likely to see it when it is there, and grasp it. For my 2015 vision board, I knew we wanted to move house. So I had a picture of a lovely 1930’s semi-detached house on my vision board. The house we bought was almost identical. I also had lots of pictures on my vision board about pilates, yoga, exercise and healthy eating – all of which I have done more of and benefited from this year.

So go ahead and have some fun. Experiment. Create the life you want for 2016 and let me know how you get on.


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