Lets look after our teachers

As I tucked my two daughters up in bed tonight, I felt so grateful to have them in my life. Of course, wrapped up in this feeling of gratitude is a deep love for them and a desire to help them, support them and nurture them so that they grow up to become confident women. Key to this is their education. The way their teachers interact with them, the way they are taught to overcome problems, to persevere, to think about things differently, to learn, to embrace diversity, to be kind, to believe in themselves and to aspire to be the best they can be.

I hear so many stories of children suffering with stress and anxiety, particularly around exam time. Learning to look after themselves, to manage their stress levels and to contain their worries is a critically important skill. For them and, for their teachers. I was honoured to be invited to contribute to a journal focused on wellbeing for teachers as part of the #teacher5aday initiative. The book was launched today and is a beautiful collection of stories and articles that teachers, coaches and psychologists have shared with the aim of encouraging teachers to look after themselves, and each other.

Take a look. Spread the word. Express your gratitude for the wonderful job that teachers do for our children. Maybe even buy a copy for your child’s teacher to show your appreciation for their passion and dedication.  I have.



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