As a Business Psychologist, I work with organisations to help them review and redesign their selection and assessment processes for graduate through to board level.  Projects of this nature are often time consuming and resource heavy, and so I collaborate with my colleague Elaine Boyd-Clark to deliver consultancy in this area.  We usually take a staged approach which involves conducting detailed job analysis interviews with key stakeholders across the business.  From this data, we identify the key competencies, or strengths to be assessed for the role.  We then make robust recommendations for how to assess these behaviours throughout the recruitment process (e.g. application form right through to assessment days and final interview).

We design bespoke assessment exercises that specifically measure the behaviours that are required in the role.  Examples include digital interviews, situational judgement or strengths tests, written exercises, group exercises and meeting simulations.  We are experienced in designing immersive assessments which create a realistic job preview for the candidate and enable them to engage in the activities as if they are already doing the job.

We are currently working with a number of organisations to review and redesign their graduate, school leaver and trainee selection and assessment processes.  Get in touch to find out more.