Boosting your ability to bounce back


Resilience is the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you and bounce back stronger than before.  Resilient people tend to have a number of strategies they employ to help them deal with life challenges, and I would like to share the 4 S’s of resilience with you so that you can develop your own personal resilience plan.

  1. Recall a recent time when you overcame a challenge or set back (e.g. an argument with a friend, or received some negative feedback at work)
  2. Identify the supportive people who helped you
  3. Pinpoint the ‘strategies’ you used to help yourself cope with any negative thoughts or feelings you experienced in response to the challenge or setback (e.g. did you go for a walk, listen to music, write it down…)
  4. Identify the ‘sagacity’ that helped you bounce back. Sagacity is wisdom and insight that you find useful and hold on to – it can come from anywhere, things that others have said, quotes, songs, poetry or your own learnings and reflections.
  5. Look at the solution-seeking behaviours you utilised to help you actively deal with the challenge. Did you solve a problem, speak up and voice your opinion, or ask others for help?

Using your learnings from the above five steps, create your own resilience plan by thinking about the supports, strategies, sagacity and solution-seeking behaviours that could work for you next time your find yourself in a difficult situation.  Bear in mind that this will need to flex according to the situation and see this as a fluid plan that you add to over time as you learn more about yourself and what works best.

[Credit to Hugo Alberts Phd and Lucinda Pool Phd at Positive Psychology]


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