How to better deal with home schooling, chores and work

The pandemic has shaken everything up. Juggling home schooling alongside an unrelenting work schedule and a never-ending cycle of dishwasher loading and unloading, cooking and laundry is causing burnout, feelings of being overwhelmed and high emotions. I hit my ‘pandemic wall’ the other day when the kids decided to dye their hair red in the bathroom but didn’t clean up after themselves! Living together in the same four walls day in and day out is tough, no matter how much we love each other, it is a big ask – especially when the days are long, dark and cold.

Each of us will find our own way of coping with this. My approach involves taking each day at a time. I start each day by writing down my priorities for that day. I make sure to prioritise some me-time every day, which usually takes the form of a dog walk. I hardly watch the news and I make sure that I get some time to read my book each day. In terms of running the house, well this is a daily grind, but I do what I can and get the children involved in some of the household chores.

However, the other day I came across Thrive Global’s Working Parents series which they have recently launched in collaboration with Eve Rodsky. One of the examples they gave is to split out all the household chores (Eve has a pack of cards you can buy for this) and decide who is going to take responsibility for what. Now this is not an uncommon exercise for new working parents, but how about those of us with older children finding ourselves in this entirely new, unsustainable and exhausting home-schooling and working situation? We have already developed habits and ways of co-parenting that worked in a pre-covid world, but what a brilliant idea – to sit down with your partner and re-negotiate who will take which chore and own it in this new way of living? They also offer a series of microsteps that you can download which are small actionable ways in which you can take control of your mindset and behaviours.

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