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We have returned to work after Christmas into yet another lockdown and people are weary.  We aren’t refreshed from our Christmas break, and now we are heading into the coldest darkest months of the year with tightening restrictions.  As a result, everyone I speak to tells me it is tough whether juggling home schooling with work or with maintaining levels of motivation and wellbeing.

Consequently, lots of organisations are prioritising employee wellbeing – and rightly so.  There is a plethora of support and resources available, the challenge however, is in identifying what is the right solution or combination of solutions.  With many people being challenged with workload, asking them to find an hour in their day to attend a wellbeing webinar is not always the answer.

Letting your people know that it is ok to not be ok, to ask for help and to know that help will be there for them without fear of limiting their career or being shamed in any way is essential.  Furthermore, Line managers need to be attuned to how their people are feeling whilst signposting relevant resources, providing time off and flexibility in how work is delivered where necessary.  Employees need to be encouraged to take time to consider what they need in order to cope.  Many are feeling anxious, stressed and burned out.

There are numerous apps that organisations can provide corporate access to such as Headspace and Calm, or Unmind, and for those requiring instant specialist mental health support resources such as Shout and others are available.  Finally, encouraging exercise such as walking meetings and breaks over lunchtime to get outside are crucial in providing a break from Zoom fatigue.

In my coaching practice, I find that providing one-off power hour coaching sessions provides employees with a safe and confidential space in which they can think out loud and process what is going on for them.

More often than not we will do walking coaching which helps us to look up and out (and get away from our desks), increases our heart rate and oxygen levels in our blood and our brain, decreases our blood pressure and promotes wellbeing.  Do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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