Coaching – what to expect


What to expect
As a coach, I work in partnership with you. My focus is on being useful to you as you examine, explore and unpack whatever question or topic you bring to the coaching session. Coaches don’t position themselves as experts – they are not mentors – but we are trained in how to actively listen, ask powerful questions, use direct communication and create awareness in order to facilitate your thinking:

“Listening to people helps them pour out a little of their current thinking so they can make room for new thinking. There are even times when listening does all the work. When you listen deeply to someone, they listen to themselves and sometimes that alone is enough to change their minds.” ~ Annette Simmons

At the start of every coaching session we will work together to define what you want to get out of our time together. We’ll get clear on your goal and then work together to look at whatever topic you have brought to the session from a position of curiosity. Your learning and increased self-awareness is central to the process, and my role as coach is to offer both support and challenge as you think out loud.

Once you have arrived at your own insights, unpicked the issue you brought to coaching, and perhaps, identified some of the root causes of the problem, we will work together to identify actions, options and possibilities about the way forward.

You may not finish all of the learning and thinking you want to do in the coaching session. You will continue to think and grow on your own. This is why coaching is one of the most effective and personalised professional development interventions.

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