A stress-free Christmas?

The to-do list is never-ending, it’s the season of coughs, colds and the vomiting bugs and on top of all that there’s endless Christmas parties and still so much work to fit in between now and the Christmas break. Does that sound familiar? Are you feeling the strain? Sometimes even those things that we know… Read More

Being mindfully self-ish

As if by magic, Hey Sigmund published a fabulous article last week about the importance of being mindfully self-ish and as it reinforced the message in my last blog I wanted to share it with you. Many clients talk to me about the difficulties they experience with feeling guilt. Mostly this is to do with… Read More

Your own oxygen mask first

I have had two thought provoking conversations this week. Both of them with busy working Mums. The conversations have been about our busy lives, having jobs to hold down, houses to run, children to look after and relationships to nurture. So often we allow ourselves (often subconsciously) to fall to the bottom of the list.… Read More