Talent – engage it, cultivate it, maximise it, keep it

At Bloom People, we aren’t just well qualified and experienced coaches.  We’re established business psychologists with substantial talent development experience.

We understand people, how they interact in the workplace and business objectives and priorities.  As a result, we’re perfectly placed to help you engage, cultivate, maximise and keep key talent.

We partner with organisations to deliver one-to-one coaching programmes ‘in the office’.  Our clients have found that Bloom People providing confidential external coaching to employees enables business to:

  • Offer personalised career development support based on real insight
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Reduce stress levels and increase wellbeing
  • Improve communication and relationship management
  • Understand – and act on – levels of employee engagement
  • Align individual and organisational needs and objectives

Coaching groups through change

Our one-to-one coaching is especially useful in times of change.  We have particular experience in business re-organisations, big career moves and promotion rounds, for instance.  We’ve also worked extensively with firms where cohorts achieve newly qualified status at the same time.  Here we offer a one-off ‘power hour’ coaching session for individuals who have recently qualified or been promoted.  Further coaching sessions can be arranged where required.

Robust tools and techniques

Our coaches bring with them a wide range of robust and respected tools and techniques to help your employees gain clarity on the issues they face and help make the decisive move forward.

Employee engagement reports

When we deliver one-off ‘power hour’ coaching programmes for large cohorts, we provide each coachee with a personalised report detailing the key themes and agreed actions from their session.  Furthermore, we provide a full anonimised report to the business at the end of the project outlining the key themes that arose, together with suggested follow-up actions.  Organisations have reported to use that this ‘feedback’ often forms the platform for changes they make to how they work with the group in question and any further learning and development support they offer.

Coaching for a millennial audience

As more and more millennial professionals join – and grow within – the UK workforce, unlocking their potential, harnessing their talents and addressing their particular developmental needs will become ever more important.  Again, coaching can help.  Not just by helping individuals to solve the issues they face, but by creating a bridge between their goals and their employer’s organisational objectives.

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