Executive Coaching for Organisations

Executive Coaching


Our executive coaching programmes provide a unique space in which each client can pause, step back from their day-to-day work and examine the challenges they are facing, the decisions they are making or the situations they find themselves in with the support and challenge of a coach. By offering perceptive feedback, powerful insights and alternative perspectives, our coaches work together with the client to create new learning and deliver transformational personal change.


Executive coaching is one of the most effective and personalised professional development interventions for senior professionals. We use it as a catalyst for enhanced performance of both the individual and the teams they lead.

By its nature, executive coaching is highly personalised, but can focus on almost any work-related topic, such as:

• Career progression and unlocking potential
• Transitions between roles or organisations
• Developing leadership capability
• Enhancing self confidence
• Improving work relationships and emotional intelligence
• Optimising performance
• Managing stress and minimising burnout

Executive coaching is also incredibly valuable in enabling leaders to avoid derailment, especially during times of change or high stress, such as the first 90-days in a new role.


Typically Sarah and our associate coaches work with managers, leaders and directors, but we have also worked with high potentials and future leaders too. Coaching is offered as a programme of sessions (the number being determined by the particular goals of the coaching) – either for a specific individual or to support a broader internal talent development programme.


We offer a personalised programme of one-to-one coaching as follows:

  • Introduction meeting – The aim of this meeting is for the coach and client to discuss the coaching objectives and to allow the coach to understand the current context for the client. It is a two-way process; both the coach and the client need to feel that they can form a strong working relationship. Where appropriate, the individual’s line manager may attend the first part of the meeting in order that all three stakeholders are aligned around the programme’s goals.

  • Flexible approach – The number of sessions included in the programme will be determined by the client’s needs. However, a typical programme will comprise 6-8 sessions lasting between 90-120 minutes taking place every 4-6 weeks.


New Product

Coaching Question Cards 

These coaching question cards are designed to help you engage in deeper, more meaningful development conversations.



We support organisations to unlock the potential of their talent through power hour coaching sessions. These are one-off or ‘drop in’ 90-minute coaching sessions offered to individuals to focus on their career development (or any other topic).

Executive Coaching for Organisations


Case Studies

Case Study


Sarah worked with a Director in a Financial Services organisation who wanted help developing his relationships with his team and building his confidence as a leader.

Case Study


A driven and ambitious newly promoted Director came to coaching struggling with stress and time management. With the support of our coach, she was able to see how different working styles

Case Study


A new manager wanted to take action following feedback he had received at work. He was keen to improve his reputation, specifically to ensure that other people

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