“I went into my first coaching session as a big sceptic, and left the room very impressed and looking forward to my next session with Sarah.  Sarah has helped me think through a big career transition which I have been having trouble deciding on.  Sarah helped me identify my core values which sub-consciously influence my decisions and long-term satisfaction.  After identifying these values, I was able to make some bold decisions with a lot of self-assuredness that were otherwise difficult to act upon.  Sarah also helped me think through people management in a manner where I discovered the solution myself rather than being preached at.  It has been a pleasure working with her and I continue to recommend her highly”

A Finance Director who initially attended a one-off ‘power hour’ coaching session, before signing up for a full coaching programme.

“Having coaching sessions with Sarah has helped me significantly in managing the stress I used to feel at during during times of pressure by identifying where the stress came from and how it was avoidable.  The coaching also helped me to gain confidence after a promotion and provided me with tools to deal with occasional conflict at work”

A Finance Manager who initially attended a one-off ‘power hour’ coaching session, before signing up for a full coaching programme.

“Sarah had a very concrete and constructive approach to coaching. I liked the structured approach and open, rational discussions. I know have a better understanding of what type of work potentially suites my personality best and some concrete options for my next career move”.

A Finance Director who completed the job change coaching programme.

“Sarah’s natural empathy and attention to detail forced me to acknowledge my actual potential and reminded me that I had unique skills, talents and expertise which I had begun to completely undervalue. Her ability to gently but firmly challenge my motivators has enabled me to re-direct my career to align with my values. I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds and cannot recommend her highly enough”.

A Solicitor seeking a career change.

“Just stop and think…….. what would my life look like if I realised my FULL potential. Then call Sarah to help you get there, you will not regret doing so”.

An MBA student seeking clarity regarding future career options.


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