A Coaching Culture Programme

Catalyst is a simple & cost effective programme that can be rapidly deployed in any organisation

If you already know that you want a coaching culture and that changing the mindset of your leaders and managers will pay huge dividends such as

Increased engagement and empowerment

Increased collaboration – across organisational boundaries not just in teams

Development of people and performance where managers can let go safely

More innovation, creativity and agility

Increased responsibility in employees

Then this programme can deliver for you!

How do you access the clear benefits of a Coaching Culture quickly and effectively?

What we have learned doesn’t work to achieve a coaching culture is training managers to become coaches. There will be a few delegates with a growth mindset already that will embrace the new skills but it won’t shift the organisation. Most delegates return quickly to their old ways of being, which is not coaching, but doing themselves. Rather than take out your people for days with little effect, we help them shift in both mindset and skills whilst they work to deliver on their existing challenges. All in smaller, virutally delivered modules.



What really is a Coaching Culture and why create one?

In Episode 6 of our podcast ‘The Coaching Question’ we discuss how an organisation can create a coaching culture and the benefits of creating one.

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