If you are pregnant, or have recently given birth and currently preparing for returning to work, then this is the programme for you.

Returning to work as a working parent can be a complex and difficult transition to manage. Many women feel anxious on their return to work for a range of different reasons, and coaching helps to build their confidence, to think about how to re-engage with their career and their role and how to manage their different responsibilities.

Maternity coaching offers independent, confidential developmental support, helping you to reflect on, and consider all aspects of your successful transition back to work. We help women plan and prepare for their maternity leave covering topics such as handing over work, communication whilst on leave and possible working hours on their return. The overall aim is to help and support mothers to have a smooth and successful transition back to work.

If you are unsure about whether to return to your old role, or would like to explore different options, then we can incorporate some elements of our job change coaching programme to help you find the best way forward.

Maternity coaching programme

We offer a programme of six coaching sessions which starts with a session prior to going on maternity leave, one session prior to your return to work and then a further three sessions during the first six months back at work. There is also the option to add a further session after the initial six months.

Each session typically lasts for 90 minutes.


All sessions are confidential and usually face-to-face, They can take place in London, Surrey or Hampshire, at a location to suit you. Skype or telephone coaching is also possible.

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