A transformative effect

Traditionally organisations have focused their coaching efforts at board and executive level, and for good reason.  However, given the impact that coaching can have, my passion is using it to target those individuals who are coming up the ranks and developing into future leaders.

Coaching is transformative

Coaching can be transformative for talented, high potential professionals.  For those with a real impact to make and those with their eye on senior and leadership roles.

We’ve been providing this audience with focused, personalised career coaching for a number of years.  We’ve seen how it helps people overcome challenges that they may otherwise not know how to tackle.  We’ve seen how it opens doors, gives people the courage to pursue their career goals, and reduces stress and anxiety – inside the office and out.

Coaching is the line manager’s best friend

In the main, career development conversations are left to line managers.  But what if the line manager lacks the time, confidence or skills to facilitate the careers of those in their team?  Or – what if the individual team member is uncomfortable sharing the difficulties they are facing with their line manager?  If the ambitious, talented, high-potential team members are not given the attention they need, there is a risk they will leave and go somewhere where they feel more valued and have their career taken seriously.  (Note: this is particularly relevant for millennials who crave feedback, rapid career progression and development).

Coaching in a world of change

Organisations talk about how individuals need to manage their own careers, and often provide the tools and resources to help them do so.  However, the world of work is changing.  As organisations become more flat, we are no longer working in traditional hierarchical structures, but in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.   Everything we offer at Bloom People is about helping people and businesses to adapt and flourish in this ever-shifting landscape.  Contact us to find out how we can help you.