Maternity leave – do what’s right for you.

  No one was more surprised than me at my reaction to going back to work after my second daughter was born. I had returned to a part-time role after my first daughter, and had assumed (wrongly) that all would be the same second time round. Except that it wasn’t. My emotions took over and… Read More

Do you wake up on a Monday morning with a smile on your face?

So often clients say to me “how do I work out what I want to do?” “Will I just stumble across it one day?” If you are lucky, yes! But for most of us, coming up with a career plan is not something that happens naturally. We become influenced by external factors such as people… Read More

New Year, new direction.

How to get the new job you want. It’s all about being selective, connected, persuasive and never-say-die. How to get off on the right foot? First off, you need to get your CV up to date, polished and in pristine condition to sell you effectively. Amy Gallo wrote a great piece recently on how to… Read More

Have a particularly happy New Year

Well, Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching. That means that – just like every year – you’ll know plenty of people making New Year’s resolutions – such as giving up alcohol or stopping eating sugar. In fact, you might be contemplating something like this yourself. But why deprive yourself? Why not… Read More