What is coaching?


You might come across the word coaching used in many different contexts such as the world of sport, careers and in the workplace.  But what is coaching with an Executive Coach really like?

It is the kind of conversation you won’t be having with anyone else.  What I mean by this is that coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental space where you can think deeply about a particular question or topic and gain new insights or perspectives which lead to greater self-awareness.  Coaching is not about the coach providing advice or guidance, instead the relationship that we create together is mutual.

Imagine we are on a tandem bicycle.  As the client, you are at the front of the bike, with me – your coach – on the back seat.  As the client, this is your coaching time, so you set the agenda and decide where we are going.  I’ll support your goal and ask a few clarifying questions in order to deepen our understanding of where we are going, and how we’ll know that we have reached our destination.  This is important because it ensures we know that our time has been used well, and facilitates measurement of any learning that has taken place as a result of the coaching.  Once we are clear on what we are focused on and the outcome we want to achieve, we set off and get started on our coaching conversation.

The bike starts moving and we both pedal hard.  As we embark on our journey, I’ll be with you every step of the way. As you start to think out loud (on your coaching topic or question) I’ll listen without judgement and work with you to facilitate new understanding and awareness.  In practice this can vary from reflecting back to you what I see and what I hear to sharing my intuition, asking challenging questions and working somatically where we move the centre of learning from your head to your body accessing all aspects of your intelligence (emotional and physical).  All of this is with the aim of facilitating sustained and transformative change in you.

Throughout our journey I will check in with you periodically to see if the work we are doing together is useful, and we’ll also confirm if we are still heading in the right direction.  Coaching is always about you; where you want to go, your goals and ultimately your learning and your development.


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