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Coaching has the extraordinary potential to change lives. For that reason, we believe it should be far more accessible. And that’s our mission at Bloom People.

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Bloom People is led by Sarah Turner. Sarah believes that people are creative and resourceful, and possess the ability to overcome their challenges and perform at their very best. She’s passionate about collaborating with clients to unlock every inch of their potential.

Established in 2012, Bloom People’s coaching philosophy is person-centred and pragmatic. We tend to partner with small- to medium-sized businesses, providing specialised Executive Coaching and Maternity Coaching programmes, in addition to supporting organisations with broader talent, assessment and diversity and inclusion projects.

Sarah and the team invest time in building authentic, empathetic, supportive yet appropriately challenging relationships with clients.

Our Team

Sarah works with a small team of trusted associate coaches and consultants to deliver programmes across the UK and globally.

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“I think Sarah strikes the perfect balance between a professional and personal approach. She creates a very comfortable tone and atmosphere but also knows how to read you as an individual to challenge you at the right time and in the right way.

Executive Coaching Client

“I contacted Sarah as I wanted help working out what to do next in my career. She has a very concrete and constructive approach to coaching, meaning that we had open, rational discussions – which I liked. I feel that I now have a better understanding of what type of work will potentially suit my personality best, and some real options for my next career move.”

Executive Coaching Client

“Sarah has helped me think through a big career transition, which I have been having trouble deciding on. She helped me identify my core values, which subconsciously influence my decisions and long-term satisfaction. After identifying these values, I was able to make some bold decisions with a lot of self-assuredness that were otherwise difficult to act upon. Sarah also helped me think through people management in a manner where I discovered the solution myself rather than being preached at. It has been a pleasure working with her and I continue to recommend her highly.”

Executive Coaching Client

“I approached Sarah for coaching after experiencing a difficult period personally and professionally. I was feeling unsure of myself, what I wanted and where I was going. Sarah was incredibly empathetic and made me feel listened to and understood. Working with her helped give me the confidence and the strategies to take back control of my life. I went from being passive and unsure to proactively forging opportunities for myself and tackling head on some of the difficult decisions I faced.

As a result, I left a job in which I was very unhappy and am now setting up my own business – something I have aspired to do for a long time. Sarah is an astounding coach and an inspiring woman. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Executive Coaching Client

“I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Sarah. I loved how she bought a new perspective and way of thinking about pacing my career in a way that works for my family and commitments. Sarah has some brilliant tools up her sleeve to really get you thinking and some really practical suggestions for changing habits in a way that is meaningful and achievable.  Sarah’s coaching sessions have had a huge impact on me and my outlook and I would thoroughly recommend!”

Executive Coaching Client

“Sarah’s maternity coaching sessions have been really useful in supporting my experience of returning to work. Through the sessions, I’ve been able to make decisions about how to manage my work-life balance, to set myself objectives and expectations that are right for me, and to think about my long-term career aspirations. Sarah has a wonderful ability to be both understanding and challenging in the way she has encouraged me to think about the goals I set myself, and she has supported me to come up with practical ways I can turn my thoughts into actions.”

Maternity Coaching Client

“Sarah’s support was a game-changer when I returned from maternity leave after both my children. She helped me to integrate my new identity as a mother, with my existing professional and personal identities and priorities. She helped me to rebuild my confidence and believe that I could still be every bit as professional as I was before, while staying true to my beliefs about the kind of mother I wanted to be.”

Maternity Coaching Client

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah – I found her very engaging and easy to talk to. She is very perceptive and is able to immediately understand the heart of the problem before you’ve even fully articulated it. However, she helped me reach my own conclusions without being directional. She also drew on a variety of resources, including talks, books and articles, which provided useful additional context to the coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her.”

Maternity Coaching Client
Bloom People team
Bloom People team
Bloom People team
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