Maternity coaching for executives

Maternity Coaching for Organisations


For professional women, the impact of taking a substantial time out of their career to become a mother can be huge. When the challenges faced by women during this time go unrecognised and unaddressed, organisational damage can occur. Many high talent individuals are lost by organisations, contributing to the lack of senior female talent and the gender pay gap. Maternity coaching can make a real and lasting difference.


Talking Talent’s research into women-in-business highlighted how critical the successful management of the maternity-to-work transition is, with 45% of women citing it as a key pinch point in their career. Women often feel isolated, overwhelmed, guilty and lacking in confidence as they return to the workplace.


Maternity coaching provides women with a safe and non-judgemental space in which they can share how they are feeling, look at their situation from different perspectives, challenge any self-limiting beliefs and, crucially, help them learn to thrive in their new normal as they re-engage with their career.


We offer a personalised programme of one-to-one maternity coaching as follows:

Introduction Meeting – The aim of this meeting is for the coach and client to meet and discuss the current context for the client in addition to the aims and objectives for the coaching. It is a two-way process; both the coach and the client need to feel that they can form a strong working relationship.

Flexible approach – A typical programme will comprise 6 sessions lasting 90 minutes encompassing the three key stages of maternity leave; pre-leave, pre-return and post-return.

Typical subjects: Issues that clients need help working through often include lack of confidence, feeling isolated and overwhelmed, anxieties about career progression, work-life balance and difficulty transitioning to new working hours. Our coaching helps clients resolve these and many more every year.


Online Programmes

Option 1


Online programme designed by Barefoot Coaching, to help parents get the knowledge and understanding they need to be the kind of parent they dream of being.

Option 2


An online 6-month coaching programme for up to 8 participants.

Option 3


A line management briefing session provides managers with the opportunity to consider the importance of managing employees through the different stages of parental breaks


“Sarah’s maternity coaching sessions have been really useful in supporting my experience of returning to work. Through the sessions, I’ve been able to make decisions about how to manage my work-life balance, to set myself objectives and expectations that are right for me, and to think about my long-term career aspirations. Sarah has a wonderful ability to be both understanding and challenging in the way she has encouraged me to think about the goals I set myself, and she has supported me to come up with practical ways I can turn my thoughts into actions.”

Maternity Coaching Client

“Sarah’s support was a game-changer when I returned from maternity leave after both my children. She helped me to integrate my new identity as a mother, with my existing professional and personal identities and priorities. She helped me to rebuild my confidence and believe that I could still be every bit as professional as I was before, while staying true to my beliefs about the kind of mother I wanted to be.”

Maternity Coaching Client

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah – I found her very engaging and easy to talk to. She is very perceptive and is able to immediately understand the heart of the problem before you’ve even fully articulated it. However, she helped me reach my own conclusions without being directional. She also drew on a variety of resources, including talks, books and articles, which provided useful additional context to the coaching sessions. I would highly recommend her.”

Maternity Coaching Client


Case Study


A Senior Finance Director returned from her maternity leave to find that her team had been restructured and her role changed. The uncertainty that this created, alongside the need for her to establish herself in her new role impacted on her confidence.

Through maternity coaching, we slowly and gently explored what this new phase of her career looked like. We looked at the boundaries she would need to put in place so that she was able to be the mother she wanted to be at home, whilst also deliver and achieve in her career.

Having previously worked all hours, it was important for her to manage her work and home life and take care of her own wellbeing through regular exercise. The coaching created a safe space for her to focus on her own needs and discover her new identity as a working parent.

Case Study


As a new Mum returning to work, a Fund Manager found it challenging to juggle the demands of her home-life with the requirements of her job. Having returned to work full-time, she found herself feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and struggling to cope.

Through maternity coaching, she was able to be honest with herself about how she was feeling and together we started to create a plan.She decided to use some annual leave to reduce to 4 days per week for a period of time and enlisted some additional help at home.

Recognising that she didn’t have to cope on her own was an important learning for her as she navigated this transition.

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