Power Hour Coaching

We support organisations to unlock the potential of their talent through power hour coaching sessions. These are one-off or ‘drop in’ 90-minute coaching sessions offered to individuals to focus on their career development (or any other topic).

We have worked with clients to set these up in a way that is most effective for them. For example, a law firm offered a power hour session to all newly qualified lawyers who were transitioning into a permanent position with the firm, whereas a financial investment client wanted to provide a power hour session to all employees who were promoted or progressed each year.

Executive Coaching for Organisations

In both cases, employees were sent a questionnaire to complete in advance of the coaching session to help them prepare and think through what they wanted to focus on. After each round of coaching has taken place, we step back and look at any themes that have emerged from the coaching. Respecting all confidentiality, we then produce an organisational level report for the HR team with suggestions and proposed actions to inform their planning.

Power hour coaching can be offered via Zoom or face to face in a drop-in setting where we come to your office for the day and employees book in with their coach. Contact us to find out more.


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