If our emotions could speak, what would they say?


So often when we talk about wellbeing we focus on our bodies and our physical health – what we eat, how well we sleep, how much physical exercise we do – but we neglect our mental health.  The other day I was speaking to my daughter about how she was feeling; she was struggling with feeling low, unhappy and fed up with the restrictions that Covid-19 was putting on her life. 

As a coach, I invited her to explore what her body was telling her.  What did she feel?  Where did she feel it?  What did she think she needed in this moment?  I shared a metaphor of her feelings being like fuel in the tank of the car.  When the feelings run low, the car beeps to alert us to fill up on petrol.  What if she could learn to spot when she is feeling down and identify the actions she can take to fill her own tank – or her ‘feel good cup’ (as I called it)?

I know that energy follows attention, so by inviting her to focus on those things that make her feel good, she will feel energised by them and her mood will start to lift.  Furthermore, emotions have a beginning, a middle and an end so by encouraging her to work through her feelings not only is she is increasing her self-awareness, she is making conscious choices that nurture her mental wellbeing in much the same way that she might her physical wellbeing.

So, take a moment to think about your own feel-good cup.  This is perhaps even more important as we head back into lockdown in the UK during the darkest and coldest months of the year.  Be curious about what your body tells you and check in with your mood.  What do you need in this moment?  What would make you feel safe and nourished?  Try going one step further and establish a ritual each day or each week throughout this winter that ensures your cup is topped up.  Make it a priority.  Your car can’t run on empty, and neither can you.


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