You don’t need to be the perfect Mum



Breastfeeding.  Such an emotive topic and one that I approach with some caution.  You see, I don’t have a position on breastfeeding.  Much like everything associated with becoming a mother – it often doesn’t work out as you thought it might.  My own experience with breastfeeding was completely different with each child. 

My first daughter took her time to arrive, and when she did, she was born in a rush so it was all quite traumatic.  Within 24 hours she was in intensive care with an infection meaning that she spent a lot of time asleep on medication and not remotely interested in feeding from me.  As we had missed some of those crucial early days, by the time we got home neither she nor I had learnt to feed properly and we struggled.  When I look back at old videos of those days, I seem to have a breast pump attached to my chest most of the time, I was so focused on giving her what she needed I didn’t stop to think about my own wellbeing.  My saving grace was a wonderful lactation consultant at the hospital who helped me to develop a plan to increase my milk supply and encouraged me to top her up with formula.  My second daughter on the other hand, latched on beautifully from day one and fed like an angel. 

So my message to all you wonderful Mums out there, having babies during lockdown, wondering if you are doing things right, prioritising your babies needs over your own, feeling isolated and alone in those early hours as you try to feed your baby, please know this – whether you breastfeed your baby or not is not important.  What is important is that you ask for help and don’t struggle on in silence.  There is no manual for motherhood – we are all making it up as we go along.  You don’t need to be perfect – you are your baby’s whole world.  You are enough.

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