Career and talent development – how does coaching help?

In this podcast we talk about transitions that people make within organisations, whether that is the first step up to management or taking over leadership of a whole function or business unit.  So often talent decisions are made on the basis of knowledge, skills and experience.  In our experience, utilising the Leadership Pipeline model to inform these decisions can be transformative as it asks us to consider the shift that is required of that individual in terms of values, identity and time in addition to knowledge, skills and experience.

The Leadership Pipeline is seen as one of the most influential leadership models. Built around the common leadership ‘passages’ all leaders go through, it helps nurture leadership through a six-step leadership pipeline model.

We explore how this model can provide a shared language for HR and Executive coaches when defining the transition that individuals need to make.   As coaches we are often asked to support a client as they step up to take on management responsibility, lead a bigger team/function and the leadership pipeline offers a useful framework for examining the shift that is required across values, time application and skills.

Oftentimes managers and leaders are put on a training programme to help them acquire the leadership skills required, but a training programme cannot help a leader work through the shifts in work values and identity and time management that is required as they transition into a different role.

We also refer to some other books and models we find useful when working with clients who are transitioning into different roles such as The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey and William Burgess’ Managing Transitions book.

So many organisations want to develop their own talent internally rather than needing to recruit externally, and they may have an established talent management and succession programme to support this.  Join us as we share stories and examples of how the Leadership Pipeline can provide a simple, but effective perspective on talent development.


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