How do we deal with feedback in coaching?

Feedback can be such a provocative topic.  People find it difficult to give constructive feedback and they worry about how others will respond.  There are many models out there providing guidance on how to structure your message, but it can often be much more complex than just applying a model and hoping that the conversation goes well.

In this podcast we dig a little into how feedback might show up in coaching.  As coaches, we will offer feedback to our clients in the moment which can lead to increased self awareness.  We might also support our clients in giving and receiving feedback at work.  Gregor and Sarah touch on models and approaches you might try, and explore how we support clients to have feedback conversations in a skilful way.  Organisational culture plays an important role in how feedback is given and received.  We explore how psychological safety is key to creating the right conditions and examine what we can learn from the world of sport and our work with teams.

Listen in if feedback is something you grapple with in your role or organisation!

Below are some resources we reference in this episode:

Amy Edmonson – Psychological Safety

This article provides a good overview of what Amy means by psychological safety

Perceptual Positions

Perceptual Positions is an exercise we mention. This article gives a good coverage of Perceptual Positions

After Action Reviews

This article gives a pretty decent description of and After Action Review. We would emphasise however that AARs are best when they stay impersonal unless you want to recognise the behaviour of an individual.


You can get a full understanding of Marshall Goldsmith’s FeedForward In his article here.

Coaching Cards

You can find out more about our coaching cards here


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