The Coaching Question Season 2 Highlights

How can coaching stop leadership derailment?

Welcome to this bonus episode, where we reflect on changes that have occurred since our recording on these topics, this time in Season 2, and some insights we’ve had since! When we came back to look at Season 2, we noticed a theme around investment in time, effort and money.

Some of the things we look at include:
How the UK’s performance in recent Olympic games has benefited from the above mentioned investment. This relates to how making coaching accessible to everyone, or at least more of the population can get a great return.
One of our reflections from both seasons 1 and 2 is that the future, and the situation with Covid is uncertain, so coaching can prove an even more useful tool (as opposed to interventions like training). Leaders need to develop agility and resilience, another reason people need coaching to help them navigate uncertainty.
The Environment section of John Anderson’s Performance Coaching model, which he has used so well with Olympians.
How we missed diversity of thought when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion agendas and this was reflected in a recent government report.


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