What can I expect from Career Coaching?

If you are interested in understanding the role of coaching in your career development, then listen to this episode! We help to clarify the difference between a career coach and a careers guidance professional, and we share examples of where career coaching has come up as part of another coaching engagement where the topic of ‘what do I want to do next in my career’ is addressed. 

Sarah started her coaching in the area of career coaching and we both outline exercises to increase self-awareness in this area. For example, what motivates you and what interests you? Both of us work with strengths, and values – really digging into what is important to people. We both also look at peak career experiences. Most career books will have set lists of values but working with a coach allows values to be tested and placed in a hierarchy and it is this that allows clarity on values to be even more useful.

Boundaries are really critical in career coaching and we share the acronym PERTH as a checklist re boundaries:

People (working with, have a team etc)

Environment (office, home, location/travel, abroad, culture)

Reward (money/security, benefits)

Task (ideal job – what are those things I actually enjoy doing? Working 121, leading big complex projects, setting strategies etc)

Home (family) – the balance between what is happening at work and how does home and family fit together?

We ask about CVs and LinkedIn profiles and what people should be doing there.

Sarah also refers to the Krumboltz theory of planned happenstance – which indicates how we should be more open to possibilities, such as interviewing for jobs even when you are happy in your current role. This theory encourages us to keep an eye out for opportunities.


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