What can we learn about change from Covid-19?

In this episode we discuss what we can learn about change from Covid 19.

 We reflect on how people’s need for structure is severely impacted by not having an office environment, and that structure is really important as a psychological need. The boundaries that were present in our physical office routine are no longer there. We explore how structure relates to Certainty, part of David Rock’s SCARF model from the field of neuroscience.  It’s clear that as coaches we can help leaders model clear boundaries. We use Kübler-Ross’s change model as we look at denial and a key benefit of this model is it helps us name feelings.

We apply William Bridge’s model of Transitions, how it makes a distinction between changes and transitions, and the model’s simplicity of new beginnings, no man’s land and endings. Sarah reminds Gregor of Bridge’s phrase “The seedbed of new beginnings” and we reflect on how we should remember that it’s ok to be in the no man’s land, but it is not comfortable. One of Gregor’s favourite books on change is Bridge’s Managing Transitions.

 We further explore how a leader can use SCARF as a lens, and by applying this lens, see how people can be in an away state or a towards state (in simplicity, moving away from punishment and towards reward) and use this lens to practically help their people. David Rock’s book is Your Brain At Work


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