Why is a chemistry session important and what might one look like?

In today’s episode we ask the question…

Why is a chemistry session important and what might one look like?

Chemistry sessions are the (usually free) meetings that a coach and potential client will have to determine whether or not there is a good fit between both parties. Can we work well together?

The team share their experience of what makes for effective and ineffective chemistry sessions and share a model supplied by John Whittington.

His model has an acronym – STANCE

Start coaching

Take in the whole system

Acknowledge what is

Not about you

Choose your clients

Everything else

First question from his model:

“Let’s imagine that we decide to work together – it is work – and it’s six months later and it’s been really useful and successful for you…..how would you know? What would you be feeling that would confirm to you that this journey had been really worthwhile for you?”

He often follows up with a related question:

“So, if we do decide to work together (see C ‘Choose your clients’!) and it’s a really effective developmental journey for you, what would other people notice about you – as a colleague/as a leader/in role – how would others experience you differently?”


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