Why should we bother with a systematic approach and constellations in coaching?

The question here is “Why should we bother with a systemic approach and constellations in coaching?”

 We’re joined by the birds singing outside Sarah’s window in this episode! We look at what systemic coaching is and how systemic constellations as a technique applies. Since recording, we came across this page which helps us see what systemic constellations are in coaching (as opposed to family therapy where it comes from.

 A systemic coaching question that can be useful to add to your repertoire is: “What is it that your world expects you to step up to?  Your team, customer, boss, stakeholders, family…..?”

It’s important to remember that “We belong in systems, we join systems and we leave systems”. Part of a coach’s role is to help a coachee zoom out so they can see the system they are in.

The team talk through some examples to demonstrate how constellations work in practice and Sarah introduces a question “What is one step for better that would free up the system?”.

Sarah talks about physical constellations or ‘sculpting’, which is also a very useful technique in coaching supervision, and how all sorts of things can be surfaced.

In teams, we talk about the outside-in and future-back approach, using more systemic questions, e.g. Who does your team serve? What will they require differently from you in the future?” “What will you regret in two years’ time not having addressed?” and one of Gregor’s favourite questions “When you are successful as a team, what will they (your stakeholders) be doing differently?”

We look at when HR should be looking for a systemic approach from their coaches.

Sarah reminds us how whiteboards on Zoom and Teams can be a great enabler and just because we can’t meet physically doesn’t mean that you can’t work systemically with constellations.


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