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So, school term is ending this month and the long summer holidays await.  How are you feeling about the prospect of six weeks juggling parenting with working?  Although home schooling is tricky when combined with parenting, at least the school-work provides an element of structure to each day.  Furthermore, many parents have been adjusting their working day to accommodate their children’s needs, meaning they are often working late into the evening or at weekends.  This is not sustainable and puts many of us at risk of burnout.  What kind of an example are we setting our kids if we work non-stop and make ourselves sick with stress in the process?

Recently I came across this phrase “we work like we are running a marathon rather than a series of sprints”.  The key message being that professional athletes recognise the need to build in recovery time, and make sure to prioritise this as part of their training.

In coaching we often work with our clients to reflect on who they are being and what they are doing.  Looking ahead to the summer, who do you want to be as you juggle the numerous responsibilities in your life?  Before you even think about anyone else’s needs, I urge you to think like an athlete – how do you conserve your energy?  What habits or rituals can you introduce to your day to build in that crucial recovery time?

Focusing in on your priorities over the summer as a professional and as a mum will help you be productive and feel that you are making progress.  Give yourself permission to look at your work and identify the two, or three most important tasks you need to achieve. Everything else needs to be delayed or delegated. You cannot expect yourself to deliver the volume of work you would normally when you have your children around 24/7 and little to no childcare options.  Likewise, look ahead over the summer break and think about how you want to create a special time with your children.  What experiences do you want to share?  How do you want to structure your working days so that you have sufficient time to focus on their needs and your needs as a Mum?

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