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I have heard this phrase “we are all in the same storm, but not in the same boat” with reference to Covid-19.  I really like it as it captures the essence of the lockdown period.  Not one of us has had the same experience.  I have heard some heart wrenching stories of children living in poverty (95,000 under 5 living in absolute poverty in London), the news has reported an increase in domestic violence (22% increase in calls to domestic abuse services during Covid), couples whose marriages have become shaky as a result of living in close quarters for so long, people have lost loved ones and not been able to have the funeral and send off they would have liked, grandparents have missed quality time and hugs with their grandchildren, babies have been born, people have lost their jobs and others have experienced high levels of stress and anxiety.  But overwhelmingly, it is the sense of community – we are all in the same storm – is what binds us together.

The Office of National Statistics have revealed that eight out of ten people say they feel that people are doing more to help each other since lockdown with two thirds saying they have contacted their neighbours.  As the lockdown eases, I am hopeful that this sense of community continues.  That we look out for each other, check in on each other and take the time to listen.  Our unique experience and perspective of Covid means that what we need from each other, our employers and our friends and family will be different.  Let’s take the time to reach out and connect.  At the end of July I will be hosting a live 30 minute Q&A in my Facebook group for anyone who is finding this transition period a challenge.  Come on over – I am here for you.  

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