How does maternity coaching benefit returning parents and the organisation?

In this podcast we jump into a specific kind of coaching offered to women as they prepare to leave the workplace to have a baby, and then return.

Research by talking talent has shown that one in two women cite becoming a parent as the key pinch-point in her career progression. Many organisations lose key talent during parental transitions and where this includes women, this loss can contribute to a narrower pipeline of female talent and a widening gender pay gap.

 In this podcast, Sarah Turner, an experienced maternity coach and diversity and inclusion expert talks to Gregor Findlay about how maternity coaching works in practice and why it matters. We examine the fundamental changes that a woman experiences during this time and the value of coaching in supporting a new mother as she adjusts her motherhood mindset to the realities of working again. This is often a time when women lose confidence, and coaching can provide a safe space for women to adjust, explore and work through this transition. 

Maternity coaching is a valuable retention tool for any organisation that cares about having an inclusive work culture that enables diversity to really, truly thrive.


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