How does the organisation benefit from Career Coaching?

Listen in to this episode if you are interested in learning more about why organisations might want to offer their people the opportunity to access career coaching.

Organisations want to support and be seen to support valued members of staff to find the next role internally or to be supported to leave well and find a role in another organisation. A career conversation can be an integral part of transition coaching when someone is ready, or nearly ready for that next promotion.

How do organisations offer support? Bigger organisations might have career paths or structured promotional criteria. The world of work has changed from a clear hierarchical career path to much more of a matrix approach and the way people are developing their careers has changed quite a lot. Individuals need to take responsibility themselves in terms of how they navigate their career, being more career activists and organisations can support them in this.

A clear way that organisations support people in career transitions is typified by ‘First 90 days’ coaching. Organisations don’t always invest enough time pre-transition and then have to spend more time post-transition. This is often when a coach is brought in, maybe 6-12 months down the line.

Power-hour, or drop-in coaching sessions mean that career coaching can be available for everyone, and not just reserved for high potential. One of the benefits for the organisation is that coaches can report back on the developmental themes that have arisen whilst respecting confidentially. This informs how we can support the careers of our people, given our line managers aren’t career coaches. Drop-in coaching delivers huge benefits in terms of employer brand and development of people. People really feel valued and taken care of.


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