The Coaching Question Season 1 Highlights

How can coaching stop leadership derailment?

Welcome to this bonus episode, where we reflect on changes that have occurred since our recording on these topics and some insights we’ve had since. We started Season 1 in November 2020 when Covid cases were rising rapidly again with lots of uncertainty and we’d finished recording before Christmas and it was after this that cases took off in the UK so things have developed a lot since our initial episodes.

Some of the things we look at include:
How a return to work – or not is impacting on our clients – and the issues of the so-called great resignation.
Since we talked about team coaching, there’s been some interesting data that comes from The Team Coaching Studio, which we look at.
We also look back at mental health with some interesting data coming from McKinsey and Microsoft.


YouGov Survey on Returning to Work

The team coaching studio – 6 Team Coaching Trends for 2021

McKinsey – Returning to Work: Keys to a Psychologically Safer Workplace

Microsoft – The Work Trend Index


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